All the welding expertise you need

Svets & Inspektion i Sydsverige AB provides, on a consultation basis, expertise in welding, controls, supervision, testing, certification and training.

Svets & Inspektion i Sydsverige is an IIW-certified IWS, which enables us to ensure compliance with the EU directives on welding supervision for your business when required.

Svets & Inspektion can be your reliable and experienced partner, providing you with a wide range of services which fall in line with the Machinery Directive. With us, your business can avoid the costs of training and certification, yet still have access to expertise whenever and wherever needed.

We serve as the welding supervisor for individual projects and short-term jobs.

Svets & Inspektion i Sydsverige also provides training, which can be a permanent solution for potential staff in need of more training.

Svets & Inspektion i Sydsverige AB is a member of the Swedish Welding Commission. Our clients are mainly in southern Sweden, but we also have clients throughout Sweden and the Nordic region. In addition, Svets & Inspektion i Sydsverige AB has experience working under the NORSOK standards for ensuring adequate safety in the petroleum industry.

Svets & Inspektion i Sydsverige AB provides:

*   All services performed by IWEs

*  Services under the Machinery Directive (e.g. CE marking)

*  1090, 3834, 9001 & 14001 certification

*  Welding supervision for companies in the construction sector and machine shops

*  Contract review (maintaining contact with project engineers)+

Authorization for monitoring welding examination

*  Controls before, during and after welding

* Diploma in VT2 multilevel acc to SS-EN ISO-9712 (Visual testing)

* Diploma in MT2 multilevel acc to SS-EN ISO-9712:2012 (Magnetic Particle Testing)

*  Non-destructive testing (e.g. penetrants, but not certified. If NDT certification is required, this can be arranged via our partnership with an accredited testing lab)

*  Validation and calibration of welding equipment

*  Preparation for WPQR compilation

*  Creation of WPSs

*  Development of welding plans

*  Training for employees in SS-EN 5817 (welding design and acceptance levels)

*  Calibration of measuring tools and internal calibration in accordance with DIN and SIS 64 11 13 Class 2 tolerance

*  Controls and measurements for filler materials and base materials

*  Follow-up with welders and approval of extensions in accordance with SS-EN 287-1

*  Assistance with machining issues

Get in touch with any questions or to request references

You are welcome to contact Svets & Inspektion i Sydsverige AB if you are unsure about the skills and/or experience an IWE (International Welding Engineer) or IWS (International Welding Specialist) should have under the EU Directive.

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